#10 - Overcoming Marijuana Addiction, Part Two (with Jeremy)

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Many will argue that Marijuana is not addictive; some will say the addiction is only mental and easy to overcome. Aerez speaks with Jeremy – yet another member of the community who struggles balancing the substance appeal and the innate desire to be clear headed and unaltered. Together Aerez and Jeremy speak about what does it mean to be “addicted” to cannabis, debate whether such addiction really exists, and list various practical tools and techniques that can help those who share the same struggle.

Decoding Cannabis is a Production of Consciousness Research Institute in Spokane, WA. The podcast’s mission is to understand how marijuana impacts the human mind and how it can be used to assist with various mental un-ease. http://CRIORG.institute

Podcast Facebook page is “How Marijuana Works” or tag username @How420Works

Music by Andy Rumsey (Here we Are). Visit www.AndyRumsey.com or search for Andy’s music on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes or Amazon Music.

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