#11 – Is CDB Psychoactive? A Live Experiment (with Jessica from BHO)

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Is CBD psychoactive? Many people say no. In this episode, Aerez meets with Jessica from Bluegrass Hemp Oil Company, and together they perform a simple experiment to determine the answer. They discuss the difference in the psychoactive and intoxication effect of Sativa vs Indica strains, and the subjective manner with which various companies use these labels to tag marijuana. Jessica then explains the meaning of the terms “liposomes“ and “nano particle enhancement”, now commonly mentioned in association with CBD.

Bluegrass Hemp Oil is a mom and pop shop of quality CBD products, created by a Kentucky couple after experimenting with CBD to ease epilepsy symptoms of a beloved family member. Check out their products at https://www.bluegrasshempoil.com/, or follow them on Facebook at @KYBHO.

Decoding Cannabis is a Production of Consciousness Research Institute in Spokane, WA. The podcast’s mission is to understand how marijuana impacts the human mind and how it can be used to assist with various mental un-ease. http://CRIORG.institute

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