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New Theory Reveals How Time Perception of Humans is Created,
Mechanism Behind Our Conscious Perception,
Impact of Marijuana on the Mind

Press Release: 31JAN2019, For Immediate Distribution

[Spokane, WA]: Consciousness Research Institute (CRI) announces the publication of Time Polarization Theory (TPT), by Aerez Batat. The theory shows time to be three-dimensional, and that our perception of it changes due to slowing down or speeding up of our voluntary thought stream. These micro-differences in our time-perception generate a polarized spectrum of human experience, essentially creating two types of people, who differ in the electromagnetic polarity of their minds – "Smarties" and "Wiseys":

"Smarties and Wiseys process reality completely differently," says Batat, who observed changes in thought and speech patterns of subjects whose time-perception was altered by THC (Marijuana). "Due to their reflected mental polarization, their language, too, reflects: When a Smartie tells his Wisey wife "I need five minutes," he means it figuratively. She, however, understands it literally. When she figuratively says, "you never show up on time," he understands it literally, listing the times he timely showed up. Think of the trillions of such misunderstandings that take place every day around the globe, just due to the difference in our perception of time."   

The practical uses of TPT are virtually endless. Acute time-perception, for example, is the reason for both the symptoms – as well as increased mental potential – experienced by autistics. "TPT is to the mind what The Fibonacci Sequence is to flower petals," explains Batat. "Where before there was chaos, there is now a pattern."

CRI is also announcing the publication of "It's About Time," Batats' new groundbreaking debut. In it, he ushers the uninitiated reader into the fascinating world of Metaphysics. The book is a bold attempt to create a common language around the topic of consciousness, and the unique manner with which each mind perceives reality.

Batat hopes this theory – and his book – can help ease the growing tensions in our society. "Husbands and wives, men and women, liberals and conservatives, Arab and Jews – we fight because Smarties and Wiseys literally cannot understand each other," says Aerez. "TPT proves that when it comes to the mind, all humans were created in one image."

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