Mental Imagery

Some people see very vividly with their mind's eye; some see blurry images, like a Monet and others, like me, are mentally blind, and even their dreams are devoid of imagery. In reality, I can “imagine”, “visualize” and “fantasize” like everyone else; I simply do it in complete darkness.

Hebrew Metaphysics tells us our ability to see with our mind’s eye is a function of the amount of light our mind uses to translate our sensory perception into mental sensations. This is determined at birth. You can think of people’s ability it as various fixed points on planet earth; some points are always lit, and some are stuck in darkness. The more light you have available to think with, the more color you’ll be able to see in your mind’s eye.

Like the location of our birth, the unique manner with which we think never changes. How much light do you use to see?

Ovadya Batat