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It’s About Time

For six years, metaphysicist Aerez Batat altered his consciousness using marijuana while asking himself, again and again, the same question: what has changed in his perception of time and space, and why? The idea was to find a spectrum that would allow him to compare the shift in his conscious perception and use it to deduce how the mind works. As a result of his research, Time Polarization Theory was born. Time, it turns out, is the hidden dimension of human consciousness.   

In It’s About Time, Aerez Batat ushers the uninitiated reader into the fascinating world of the mind, as taught by Hebrew Metaphysics. Step by step, Aerez shows how we can all mentally distinguish between two distinct, functionally separated minds: one that creates our perception of time, and one that creates our perception of space. Aerez then demonstrates how the dynamic tension between these two minds creates a bipolar spectrum of conscious experience between Smarties and Wiseys, who think – and speak – differently. 

The book outlines Time Polarization Theory in a simple, engaging language, starting with the structure and mechanism of the conscious mind. Batat demonstrates how our perception of time and space is created, and how it is our perception of time that enables us to be self-conscious. He then shows that the mind has both a structure and a mechanism with which it operates, and establishes a measuring stick that allows us, as self-conscious beings, to understand how our minds differ from one another..

It’s About Time is a bold attempt to create a common language around the topic of consciousness, and the unique manner with which each mind perceives the world. 


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The Metaphysics of Marijuana

(coming late 2019)

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The Metaphysics of Marijuana

How does marijuana change our perception of time and space? What happens in the mind that is causing us to feel “high”? Why do some strains induce a “head high”, while others a “body high”? How does marijuana impacts our speech and how can it be used to expand our mental abilities safely and effectively?

In The Metaphysics of Marijuana, Batat reveals – for the first time in modern history – how marijuana impacts our time perception, our senses, and most importantly, our speech. He demonstrates how THC – the psychoactive component in marijuana – can be used to pave new neuropathways between the two minds that are creating our conscious perception. Batat also demonstrates – by sharing actual experiences – how the plant can be used to assist with various mental un-ease such as anxiety, autism, dyslexia, dementia, Parkinson’s and more. He also reveals the reasons for – and ways to avoid – the various pitfalls of this altering substance, such as short and long term memory loss, paranoia, grandiose visions, lethargy, demotivation and even the rare instances where schizophrenic episodes can take place.

Lastly, Batat outlines techniques which which marijuana can be used as a personal trainer for the Western mind, slowly training it to do what for some seemed impossible – to find silence.

This book is not yet available for purchase. However, you can read the first few chapters. To gain first access to new chapters, join the School of Practical Metaphysics.