Marijuana Polarization Theory

Click to enlarge. Marijuana Polarization Theory is a sub-section of Time Polarization Theory.

What shifts in our conscious perception when we ingest marijuana? We know that when it comes to the brain, marijuana closes open receptors and opens closed ones, and so during the period of alteration we can pave new neuropathways. But what really goes on in the mind? Why do we experience short-term memory loss with some strains? Why can the same strain magically eliminate someone’s anxiety, but cause someone else to be anxious, or even to experience paranoia? Why is it that when we are high we can suddenly better understand our partner, even though they are repeating the same words they say every day? Why do Sativa-dominant strains cause most people to get a “head high,” while Indica-dominant strains cause most people to get a “body high”? Why does time seem to slow down at times, and disappear at others? Why do we experience acuteness of senses? In short, how does Marijuana impact the way we think, speak, emote and act?

For over six years, metaphysicist Aerez Batat systematically altered his consciousness using marijuana while asking himself, again and again, the same question: what has changed in his perception of time and space, and why? The idea was to map a spectrum that would allow him to compare the shift in his conscious perception and use it to deduce how the mind works. 

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Batat’s research led to the birth of Time Polarization Theory, first published in September of 2018. Time Polarization Theory shows time to be the hidden dimension of consciousness. It suggests that what many of the ancient philosophers told us is in fact true – we perceive reality with two minds, not one. The first mind thinks, and is never present in time (Adam), and the second mind senses and emotes, and is always present in time (Eve). Only one of the minds controls our mental perception at any given time. Depending on the strain of THC ingested, Marijuana changes the dominant mind from Adam to Eve and vise versa by changing the speed of our voluntary thought stream, resulting in a shift in our perception of time.

For most people, Sativa-dominant strains cause Adam (the thinking mind) to take over our mental perception by speeding up the voluntary thought stream, which in turn causes our perception of time to slow down – we think time is passing slower than it really is. We become more present in thought and less present in our body. Indica-dominant strains do the opposite for most people – they cause Eve (the sensing mind) to dominate the mental perception of reality by slowing down of the voluntary thought stream, which causes our perception of time to speed up – we think time passes faster than it does. We then become more present in our body and less present in thought.

In other words, the change in our perception of time is the root cause of all other “high” symptoms; for example, our perception of space changes as well, and our senses become more acute, since we process more sensory input per unit of time.

Perhaps the most important impact marijuana has on the mind is the impact it has on our language. You can think of language as a spectrum of labels associated with time. The more time-bound a linguistic term is, the more concrete it is (for example, “apple” or “dress”). The more timeless a linguistic term is, the more abstract it is (for example, “fruit” or “beauty”). Due to the impact on our time perception, Sativa-dominant strains cause our minds to think more abstractly, and Indica-dominant strains cause our minds to think more concretely:

Marijuana Impact on thought and speech.600pp.png

This is exciting news, since this means marijuana can help us understand each other better. Time Polarization Theory shows that we can divide the world into two types of people – Smarties and Wiseys. Smarties are more abstract thinkers and Wiseys are more concrete thinkers. Knowing how marijuana temporarily impacts the mind allows Smarties to think more concretely, and Wiseys to think more abstractly. And so, for example, since there is a Smartie and a Wisey in almost every love relationship (Smarties and Wiseys tend to fall in love with one another), marijuana can be used as a powerful tool for couples therapy.

Marijuana can help us pave new neuropathways and expand our thinking patterns. In other words, marijuana can be used as a personal trainer for your mind, allowing you to expand your consciousness by zooming in and zooming out your conscious perception, simply by changing your perception of time. With marijuana you can also train yourself to meditate by speeding up or slowing down your voluntary thought stream until you can focus it as desired.

The Metaphysics of Marijuana is being written. However, you can read the first few chapters here.

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