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A Note to Researchers

Time Polarization Theory impacts many existing fields of research. It shows that we perceive reality with two distinct minds, not one. One mind thinks and is never present in time, and the other one senses, and is always present in time. As such, the theory reveals never-before noticed language patterns that are caused by the electromagnetic polarization of the mind, and demonstrates, for the first time in human history, how our perception of time and space is created.

The practical implications are endless. The realization that the mind has both a structure and a mechanism impacts almost every field of academic research. The theory sheds new light on various forms of mental unease such as autism, dyslexia, dementia, Parkinson’s, aphasia, alexia, agraphia and many other cognitive abnormalities. Since it suggests that there is a direct connection between our electromagnetic mental polarization and the way we learn, think, act and even emote, it has deep ramifications on the study of human behavior, psychology, physiology and the brain.

The theory ushers both independent and academic explorers of truth to new possibilities of research. For example, it suggests that we can distinguish between two different types of thoughts, differing in their relationship to time. It shows that there is a direct connection between the amount of light we use to think (known in Hebrew Metaphysics as Birth Polarization, and academically known as the spectrum between Aphantasia and Hyperphantasia) and the manner with which we speak, act and emote. It also sheds new light on the research of psychedelics and other altering substances, since it links their impact on our psyche to our perception of time.

The theory also has significant ramifications on the study of philosophy, religion, spirituality, history, and human conflict management. By exposing the mental branch on which we were sitting all along, the theory shows that reality is, in fact, an illusion created by the mind. Studying the mental polarization of historical figures through their writings reveals interesting patterns in historical data. Perhaps more importantly, the theory creates a bridge between science and theology, and shows that all spiritual and religious frameworks were created to preserve the same body of knowledge – the structure and mechanism of consciousness, and the laws of the metaphysical universe.

Collaboration Opportunities

Consciousness Research Institute is interested in working with independent and academic researches and scientists who want to learn more about Time Polarization Theory, share information about their research, and receive guidance that can help them tie their work to other aspects of Hebrew Metaphysics.

For more information, please contact Aerez Batat.