About Love, Language and THC

I am getting ready for the marijuana research session with Phil and Kate. I have my notebook, my pen, bottles of water for all participants, some papers with printed material, and little jars containing dried cannabis buds. The experiment is yet another one in a series I conducted over the past year — to test the effects of THC on human language skills as a function of time perception.

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Is Israel a Cannabis Superpower?

I found myself a bit surprised during a meeting I had today with Hanna, a cannabis expert who worked at one of Washington's leading cannabis farms. When I mentioned I am Israeli, she seemed excited. "Israel is a world leader in the research of marijuana," she said. "You guys have been doing it for a long time."

I have heard this claim a lot lately. Israel's Minister of Agriculture, Uri Ariel, has recently declared Israel as a cannabis superpower. Yuval Landshfet, who leads the medical marijuana department for the Israeli ministry of Health, claimed that while other countries are focusing on the manufacturing of cannabis for recreational use, Israel has been focused on enhancing its medical-grade products.

Still, I wondered if these claims were true. What exactly is Israel's industrial advantage in the field of cannabis?

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Ovadya Batat