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About Aerez Batat

Author, Founder of Consciousness Research Institute

Aerez was born in Jerusalem, Israel to an orthodox Jewish family. His father immigrated to Israel from Iraq, and his mother from Yemen. Aerez, in turn, immigrated to the United States at the age of 23, detaching from his culture and traditions in search of his destiny.

Aerez was first introduced to marijuana at the age of 35. His fascination with the altering substance was instantaneous, and he was determined to figure out what was changing in his perception of time and space. Three years later, he decided to quit his successful career in corporate America and dedicate his time to his research.

Alas, the task was proven more difficult that he expected. As a collective, we do not know how our conscious perception is created; the mind that is trying to figure out the shift in mental awareness is the same mind that was altered; asking oneself what happens in the mind while under the influence of an altering substance is like analyzing the engine of a plane during flight. Without a blueprint of the mind to guide the mental explorer, he or she is like a man wandering the jungle aimlessly without a compass.

In his attempt to solve the mystery, Aerez immersed himself in spiritual literature. To his surprise, he found Hebrew letters in many of Western literature that dealt with the nature of consciousness and our perception of reality. He eventually realized that the Hebrew letters themselves are a sophisticated puzzle of the human psyche, knows as “Hebrew Metaphysics.” In its core, this knowledge reveals the structure and mechanism of the human mind, the laws of the metaphysical universe and the manner with which our consciousness is created, as well as the various ways it can be expanded. Finally, he had a map to guide him in his research.

Alas, the knowledge was buried under complex allegories in Hebrew and Aramaic. Aerez’s Orthodox Jewish background – and the tradition he chose to leave behind – suddenly became relevant more than ever. Slowly and steadily, he unpacked this ancient body of knowledge, and converted it into modern terminology. Since marijuana changes our perception of time, and since time turned out to be the hidden dimension of the mind, he was able to test the theory and map the human mind by systematically altering his own perception of reality.

In 2018, Time Polarization Theory was finalized. With it, Aerez wrote his first book, It’s About Time. In it, Time Polarization Theory is explained in layman’s terms. In conjunction, Aerez founded Consciousness Research Institute, an organization dedicated to the research and education of Hebrew Metaphysics.

Aerez currently lives in Spokane, WA.